NO other “Puppet Show” compares to what Jurassic Kingdom has to offer!!!

Not only do our audiences get to see life like dinosaurs in ACTION, they also have the opportunity to touch, and interact with them throughout the show.

Comments have been pouring in on the QUALITY of our puppets, and the maneuvering techniques of our puppeteers, as well as the PROFESSIONALISM of our host.

When working with us ,we do all we can to make our time together a pleasant experience for everyone.

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174 Victory Dr Dallas GA 30132 US

Colonia Productions are bringing you,
the ALL NEW 2023 Jurassic Kingdom Dinosaur Show!
This production is designed to be
mobile ,and educational! Starting a whole new line of ‘what we are now calling’ EDU- TAINMENT.

Since 2014 Jurassic Kingdom has been one of the MOST beloved shows in the fair, and festival industry.
Now we have collaborated with Theme Parks and designed a show SPECIFICALLY catering to your Park, and its Guests!


- Our host Miss Kala opens the show with an introduction that sends the audience back in time. Following they learn about various fossils that introduce our dinosaurs. Terry- the talking, comical Pterodactyl Jack- our 2 month old Brontosaurus Sarah- our new born Triceratops

Lucy- 5 year old full grown Velociraptor Sparky- 2 year old T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus) Fossils claw from Baryonyx
skull from Coelophysis

foot print of Ornithopod
egg from Triceratops
tooth from Megalodon
tooth from Tyrannosaurus Rex